Better Farming Train 1925 -1935

National Resources Development (RESO) Train 1922 -1939

David Elvery who worked for the Soil Conservation Authority has provided this photograph and letter from A C T Hewitt who was on the staff of the better farming train.  The trains toured Victoria and the Better Farming Train visited South Australia.  The trains stopped at virtually every Victorian railway station bringing lectures and exhibits on improved farming methods as well as demonstrations and talks on cookery, needlecraft,  baby welfare and home hygiene.

David has written an account of the trains which is available from the Department of Infrastructure Library in Melbourne or the Bendigo Goldfields Library.

(For people who are particularly interested in this extensive effort in rural education, there was and should still be a collection of lantern slides showing the exhibits in each carriage of the Better Farming Train in the Department of Agriculture now Department of Primary Industries Library.  RASL)

Crew of the Better Farming Train – 1927

Back J M Kerr, ? Elgan, ? Close, ? Baker.

Third Row Railways Officer, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, E Beruldson, J Brake, N Johnson, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown,  Mahoney

Second Row ? Ledren, Unknown, Miss Calder, R J deC Talbot (OiC), C Mulanry (Railways OiC), Sister Peck, Miss Williams, N A Bowman.

Front G Walker, E Thomas, W Yuille, A B Hackwell, ? Archer, A Morrow.

(This photo from collection of late G Waker given to him by Chief Dairy Specialist W Yuille)



Letter about the Better Farming Train from A C T Hewett.