Meeting to Establish Extension Services Branch – 22 June 1971

Standing, L to R:

T J Forristal - Personnel Officer, D L Harris - Assistant Secretary, P G Hyland – Asst. Chief Animal Industries, D R Meadley Principal Agricultural Economist


Seated - commencing extreme left, clockwise around table:

C G Webb - Information Officer , C R Millikan - Chief Biologist, W D Young – Secretary, R O Kefford - Principal Executive Officer, C E Cole - Deputy Director, D S Wishart – Director, I W Norman - Principal Regional Officer, J C Avery - Regional Officer NE, B Bardsley - Regional Officer SE, S W Margetts - Regional Officer SW, J M Crook - Regional Officer NW, E J O'Brien - Chief Agricultural Chemistry, R I Howey - Chief Dairying, D M Flynn - Chief Animal Health, G B Rayner - Chief Agriculture, R H Watson - Chief Animal Industry, R S Harper - Chief Horticulture, C P Cook - Chief Agricultural Education.