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MARCH 1964


From left:  Harry Bishop, Officer-in-Charge; Sir Henry Bolte, Premier; Dave Wishart, Senior Veterinary Research Officer, Sir William McDonald, MLA Dundas, Minister for Lands

Of the opening day Peter Hyland recalls:

This photograph evokes memories of key people in the establishment of PRS , the opening field day and the aftermath.

Dave Wishart, the visionary leader of R& D in animal industries is here showing Henry Bolte the extent of the station's resources. Harry Bishop the inspired choice as OIC , looking satisfied with his work and opening speech . Sir William (Black Jack) in background – an influential supporter of the PRS from its inception.

I drove Dave from Melbourne that morning – he wanted to get there early – to check out arrangements for Premier's visit and Harry's speech.

Dave took Harry aside and stressed three things – be brief , stick to the subject of the current research work on Sheep Husbandry, Pastures and Utilisation, and not to promote the need for additional resources needed for beef cattle research.  Dave was aware that the issue of purchasing additional land resources for R&D at Hamilton or anywhere else was politically sensitive with the Premier because of Budget constraints and the lead up to an election due in 1964.

Harry , with his usual determination and courage, turned off his hearing aid and went on to make a classic Bishop oration - about stocking rates and pasture use and the potential of R&D to change productivity. Then, with Dave Wishart tugging at his coat tails wound up by promoting the need for additional land resource to enable the station to fulfil its destiny of R&D for the whole pastoral industry, including cattle.  Dave spent the rest of the visit with his ear cocked critically to Bolte's and McDonald's reaction to Harry's plea. 

The rest is history – In June 1964 Bolte called an election. At his policy speech at Ararat he announced that the government would provide funds for the purchase of additional land at PRS Hamilton to enable Beef Cattle R&D. These funds enabled the purchase of Buckley Park , The Poplars and the land to the East of the Station headquaarters.