Sutherland Photos


                  Every picture tells a tale  - was the subject castration?

An early cultivator in an onion field crop.


Hand hoeing weeds (above) and weeding by the crawl method ( below) in an onion field crop.  Probably at Colac in 1950’s


A commonly used onion hoe.

Text Box: John in remnants of onion crop, Colac district 1993.


John Sutherland & Peter Newgreen,  Ralph Proctor (rear) measuring water flow in early drip irrigator, Knoxfield 1967 (ICI photo)


Vegetable Branch Conference at Dookie, probably 1972. Back row from left: Bryant Towers; Ross Clarke; Jim Nancarrow; Sandor Gurban; Mike Kinsella; Alex Morgan; Gray Harrison; Richard Gardner; Peter deVaus; Lou Bartha; Bill Martindale; Bob Starke

Front row from left: Ken Stubbs; Rod Male; John Sutherland; Terry Piggott; Peter Slotegraaf; Jack Collyer; Roy Cottrell

Vegetable Branch Conference at Burnley College of Horticulture 1959  Rear from left: Eric Briggs; Ken Stubbs; Peter Smith; Lou Bartha; Ted Hawksworth; Peter Slotegraaf; John Sutherland; Bert Gretton

Middle row: Bryant Towers; Keith Emonson; Norm deVaus; Bill Martindale; Norm Trevena; Ted Wright; Jack Collyer

Front row: George Tindale; Tom Farmilo; Rod Kefford; Colin Webb




Row Crops Conference, Warburton    1983



1974 Maribyrnong  flood downstream of Arundle Rd Bridge, Keilor after peak had subsided.


1974 Maribyrnong  flood, submerged crops east of Arundle Rd Bridge, Keilor.



1974 Maribyrnong  flood  covered  top rail of Arundle Rd Bridge, Keilor. Cars in background mark height of water that destroyed many vegetable crops.


Gary Harrison (hat) & Richard Gardner walk hectares of export lettuce seed crop to inspect for virus disease.  Robinvale 1971

Rod Kefford annotation to a poorly proof read memo.


Letter to John Sutherland from Rod Kefford at his appointment

An illustration from the Vegetable Growers Digest used to illustrate the danger of PTOs