How you can get involved?






 There are several ways you can get involved!

 Send us your reminiscences of the people, events and achievements (your own and the organisation’s) during your career.  To help there’s a set of questions which will give a bit of structure to this endeavour.  Send your contribution to and, with your agreement, we’ll put it on the website and use it as source material for the book we hope to publish.

 We are also putting together a timeline of major events and achievements.  As well as making sure these events are recorded this list will help our failing memories to recall others.  This record will provide a pointer to future generations who might want to delve in the archives.

 Finally let other old colleagues and members of the farming and rural community know about this web site and niggle them to contribute.


 We've set out below several questions that may prompt your thinking. These are meant to provide some structure to the final document we produce, but they're by no means exhaustive and you may wish to add further ideas. On the other hand, don't feel compelled to comment on all questions. To try to keep this manageable, somewhere around 200 words per question should be the maximum where possible.

These, then, are the questions we'd like to raise:


Don't forget that if you have other issues that you'd like to raise, please go ahead and do so.