Project Aims


This web site aims to collect and circulate reminiscences of officers of the Victorian Department of Agriculture and others in Victoria’s agricultural industries who worked with them.

Over the 50 odd years that the memories of those living cover people of the Department of Agriculture were involved in all kinds of activities.  Sometimes their activities resulted in innovations, sometimes they were part of a team delivering a program or managing a problem, sometimes a crisis.  Generally the Department was an organisation that welcomed initiatives from its staff.  By and large people in the Department found their jobs rewarding and enjoyed interacting with their colleagues.

Much of Victoria’s current agricultural prosperity has evolved with the help of those who worked in extension, research, regulation and education over this half century.  Sadly, with retirements and reorganisations some of the sense of continuity with what went before has been lost from the modern organisation.

The bureaucratic history of the Department of Agriculture’s management and never ending reviews is well recorded but what is missing is the record of what people did at the work face with the farming and rural communities of Victoria.

We invite people who worked in the Department over the period 1946 to 1996 to contribute their memories of the projects they worked on, how they came about and what they achieved.  We’d particularly like your help to fill out the listing of events (Timeline) on this site.  This can cover the project or program you worked on, an innovation you were involved with or a fire, flood, drought or disease crisis.  Also to help us get some structure in the record, there is a list of questions you might like to use as a basis for a response at Author’s invitation.

With your agreement, we will make your reminiscences available to others by incorporating it at this site as well as using it as a basis for a book in due course.  Please e-mail your story however short or detailed you want to make it to