The following table lists some events in the Department of Agriculture during 1946 to 1996. It is loosly based on a draft "History of the Victorian Department of Agriculture 1882 - 1996" by Dr Lyn Peel. We hope it will be of use to jog the memories of past and present officers of the Department of Agriculrue in any of its manifestations and also for members of the farming community who had dealings with the Department. Clearly this list includes very little about the issues, initiatives and innovations that involved the Department over this half century.  Viewers of this web site are invited to submit items to fill out this list as well as any reminiscences of their work or involvement with the Department to deptagriculturehistory@dcsi.net.au 
Plant Health
Animal Health
1944 Education Agricultural Colleges Act    
1940 -50 L/stock /Dairy Trace elements /topdressing Frank Drake  
1945 - Education /Extension Rural Reconstruction    
1949 Education Glenormiston purchase    
1951 Dairy Ellinbank established    
1952 Extension Commonwealth Extension Services Grants    
1950s Extendion Dairyfarming Digest, Livestock Digest, Potato Digest, beekeepers Bulleting, NW Mallee Horticulture Digest    
1954 Extension Mobile Extension Unit   Modelled on "Better Farming Train" of 1920's
1955 Organisation Mullett retirement / Patrick Ryan appt. Director of Agriculture    
1955 Organisation Bolte Gov't. Gilbert Chandlert Minister for Agriculture.   Both Premier and Minister with agricultural backgrounds.
1950's Cropping Mechanisation, tractors, bulk handling    
1950's Dairy Milking machines    
1960 L/stock /Dairy SS Cameron laboratory established D S Wishart  
1959 Dairy /Irrigated Pasture Kyabram research station    
1948 Dairy NZ scholarships   Probably of interest to tabulate recipients in Appendix?
1950 Agriculture Agriculture Scholarships - Melb Uni  
1950 Horticulture Tobacco Research Station, Myrtleford  
1959 Livestock Pastoral Research Station, Hamilton Wishart, Hyland, Bishop
!950's Dairy Herd Testing  
1952 Dairy Discussion Groups Sillcock, Green
1950's Animal health Vet scholarships Sydney Brisbane  
1950's Plant Health Fruit fly eradication / inspection Read  
1961 Livestock SS Cameron laboratory. R H Watson apptd. Watson  
1950.s Livestock Measurement - carcass appraisal cattle, pigs. Random Sample Laying Test poultry Hewitt, Downey, Stanhope  
1954 Livestock Pig Testing Station, Werribee    
1957 Research Post graduste training in Dept.    
1961 Horticulture Vegetable Research Station, Franston    
1966 Extension Melb Univ. Post Grad diploma in extension    
1967 Education Latrobe University offers  4year Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree    
pre 1967 Education Agriculture degree students year at Dookie / Mt Derrimut   Must be a wealth of stories here!
1960's Extension Film and radio productions    
1960's to early 1980's Cropping Cereal cyst nematode damage reduces wheat productivity    
1963 Organisation F M Read  Director of Agriculture    
1967 Organisation D S Wishart  Director of  Agriculture    
1967 -68 Event Statewide drought affecting all indusrtries and water supplies    
1967 Cropping Wheat Research Institute, Horsham    
1967 Policy End of 100 years of closer settlement in Victoria with collapse of Little Desert settlement scheme.    


Animal health VRI Attwood established    
1970 Cropping

Introduction of wheat delivery quotas

"Wheat and What" seminars leading to diversity in agricultural industries across the state

1971 Animal health RVL Bendigo    
1971 Organisation Cadetships for Agricultural Economics introduced to Department Taylor. Turnbull, Trethowan, Trapnell, Bishop, David Johnson.
1973 -74 Event Record rainfall across most of State, prolongd floods and waterlogging    
1974 Animal health RVL Hamilton    
1976 Animal health RVL Benalla    
1976 Animal health RVL Bairnsdale    
1976 Livestock Animal Resarch Institute, Werribee    
1973 EVENT UK joins Common Market    
1973 Organisation Ian Smith replaces Gilbert Chandler as Minister for Agriculture    
1970's Cropping Introduction of new legumesand oil seed crops to rotations.    
1970s Animal health Bovine TB eradication campaign    
1970 Wool Collapse in wool prices    
1971 Horticulture VPRI Burnley - National repository for virus testedstone fruits and grape vines    
1972 Extension Journal of Agriculture and Digests replaced by Agnotes    
1973 Research Turf Research Institute, Frankston    
1974 Policy Overseas aid projects commenced    
1974 Beef Beef prices crash    
1974 Commonwealth Government's Industry Assistance Commission (IAC) established
1974 Livestock Enquiry into meat Marketing led bu Lindsay Cozins    
1975 Policy Commonwealth Government release 'green paper' on Rural Policy (Harris Reprt)
1976   Agricultural Engineering Centre, Werribee    
1976 Dairy Industry in crisis - milk / cattle prices    
1977 Event Bushfires - Western Victoria    
1974 Policy Public Sevice Act 1974 affects changes in management in Public Service    
1971 Policy Rothchild Report, UK introduces concept of customer-contactor in R&D    
1970's Policy Objective Based Management introduced    
1975 Organisation Directorate established Wishart, Flynn, Taylor, Hore, Hyland, Young, Kefford  
1979 Cropping Mallee wheat crops decimated by "take-all"    
1979 Policy Extension Services Division disbanded    
1979 Organisation David Smith appointed Director General of Agriculture    
 1980  Cropping  Grass free rotations developed to control major cereal diseases in th Wimmera and Mallee    
1980 Organisation Tom Austin, Minister for Agriculture    
1982 Organisation Eric Kent, Minister for Agriculture    
1982 Event Statewide severe drought    
1982 -83 Event Serious bushfires    
1983 Education Colleges separate from Department to form VCAH    
1983 Organisation Des Hore Acting D-G    
1985 Policy Commonwealth; Balderstone Report. A discussionpaper on Australian agriculture issues.
1985 Organisation Evan Walker Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs    
1985 Organisation

Simultaneous slump in dairy, wheat and course grain prices. Farmers march in Collin's Street and regional meetings to protest government inaction on issues.

June:Government announces rural economic study.  September: Prof. Alan Lloyd appointed to chair the study

1985 Organisation Office of Rural Affairs McClelland  
1986 Organisation DARATECH    
1986 Organisation Regional Management, restructure,     
1980's   Salinity control    
1989   Agmedia established    
1986 Extension Landcare    
1986 Organisation Jeff Wright succeeds David Smith as Chief General Manager    
1986 Policy June: Prof. Lloyd submits Rural Economic Study to Minister Walker
1987 -88 Grains Royal Commission inot Grain Storage, Handling and Transport.
1988 Organisation Robert Fordham followed by Barry Rowe succeeds Evan Walker as Minister for Agriculture    
1988 - 92 Animal Health Deildrin in potato crops    
1989 -90 Organisation Baker Review    
1989 Organisation Minister Rowe announces relocation of Department of Agriculture Head Office from Melbourne to Bendigo.
1991 Organisation Chief Scientist appointed Steele  
1991 Organisation Ian Baker, Minister for Agriculture    
1991 Organisation Michael Blamey, Chief General Manager    
1991-2 Organisation Abortive move of HO to Bendigo cancelled following election of Kennett Government.  Announced by Minister McGrath December 1992 therby avoiding necessity to fund new building program t Bendigo.    
1992 Organisation Michael Taylor, Secretary for Agriculture    
1992 Organisation Bill McGrath, Minister fro Agriculture    
1992 Policy August; National Drought Policy agreed.
1993 Horticulture VPRI, Burnley staff move to Knoxfield to form Institute for Horticultural Development    
1995 Animal Health Regional Veterinary Laboratory diagnostic services contacted to private sector.    
1995 Research State Chemistry Laboratory moved to Werribee    
 1992 -1996  Policy  Nationa lCompetition Policy agreed by Council of Australian governments.  Leads to review of many agricultural marketing arrangements administered by States    
1995 Research Food Industry Science Centre established with CSIRO at Werribee    
!995 Organisation Merger with Dept of Minerals and Energy to form Department of Agriculture, Energy and Minerals    
1996 Organisation March 1996. Formation of Department of Natural Resources and Environment from previous entities: Dept.Agriculture, Energy and Minerals, Dept. of Conservation and Natiral Resources, Office of the Valuer General, Office of the Surveyor General,  Land Titles Office,  Office of Geographic Data Co-ordination, and  Land Conservation Council.